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Hebrew Alphabet for Kids: New and Improved!


Yael Rosenberg

Educators long believed that reading affects the brain function and thus the learning ability of children and adults.  With the advent of innovative brain imaging scans, research scientists have been able to ascertain changes in the brain physiology, and its circuitry.  Neurophysiologists long believed that the development and structure of the brain was due solely to genetic predisposition and influence.  An infant is born with a significant number of nerve cells or neurons that are required for learning throughout their lives. However, further studies have indicated that infant stimulation by reading and other interactions with caregivers creates the connections that form the pathways needed for learning.  As the child matures into adolescence many of the infrequently used connections are lost allowing for those oft used to remain and grow strong.  It is during period that the brain reorganizes its circuitry and prepares itself for learning more complex concepts and ideas. Thus…

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CatsCover1000The Magnificent Cats of Lahaina

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Digital Version: http://tinyurl.com/CatsDigital

MazorBooks is delighted to announce its new publication, The Magnificent Cats of Lahaina, written by Hilo Witz and Sarah Mazor and illustrated by Mary Kusumkali Biswas.

This excellent action-adventure book for kids offers lovely a combination of prose and rhymes and superb illustrations that capture the beauty of the Hawaiian Island and the fabulous personalities of the Magnificent Cats of Lahaina!

When Meany Morty, the hater of cats, takes over the management of the beautiful Lahaina Market Place, Goody Gordy and his Magnificent Cats are sent on their way. Chaos ensues. Dirty Doody and his Rat Mob, no longer kept at bay by the Magnificent Cats, overrun the beautiful market. The shops close, the tourists leave, and the spectacular sunsets are enjoyed by no one.

Will Goody Gordy and the cats return? Will the Maui Market Place ever…

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COVER_0Brian Learns to Tell Time

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In the past, learning how to tell time was part of growing up. We learned to read the numbers and the basic arithmetic that is required for telling time on an analog clock. In today’s world, though digital devices are relied upon for staying on schedule, it is important that kids should be able to look at an analog clock or watch and know what it tells them. If you would like to give the gift of basic knowledge to the special child in your life, introduce him to Brian and enable them to learn with the adorable protagonist the beauty of the analog system.

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September is Childhood Obesity Awareness Month

Help your kids form healthy eating habits

Teaching kids early on the importance of choosing foods that provide the necessary vitamins and minerals influences their eating habits.

Studies have shown that healthy eating habits established in childhood have a great impact on adult eating patterns.

Who Knew Vitamins Could Be Fun – By Yael Rosenberg, RN


The children’s book Who Knew Vitamins Could Be Fun utilizes gorgeous illustrations and fun rhymes, which make learning about healthy and good nutrition easy and enjoyable.

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            MARCH 2014

 Created by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics

This is a perfect time to promote healthy eating in kids

Help kids learn about healthy food in a fun and positive way

Get them the wonderful children’s book “Nurse Olivia “Liv” Welle Presents: Who Knew Vitamins Could Be Fun.”

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Vitamin Cover_revised1500In honor of the American Heart Association 2013 National Eating Healthy Day November 6, 2013

Start your kids eating healthy when they are young. Incorporate good eating habits that will last a lifetime.

Research shows that healthy eating prevents illnesses and promotes health and well-being

To promote good nutrition in children, let Nurse Olivia “Liv” Welle introduce your kids to vitamins and their healthy food sources.

Have them read or read to “Nurse Olivia “Liv” Welle Presents: Who Knew Vitamins Could Be Fun”

The children’s book “Who Knew Vitamins Could Be Fun” utilizes gorgeous illustrations and fun rhymes, which make learning about healthy and good nutrition easy and enjoyable. We invite your kids to join Nurse Liv Welle as she teaches a class of first graders a lot about vitamins, their benefit to one’s health, and the vitamins’ food sources. The subject is presented to the children in a fun way, as Nurse Liv Welle engages the first grade students in the learning experience. Your kids will surely enjoy the fun, as they rhyme along and learn about vitamins from A to K.

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