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Research studies have shown that teaching preschoolers to count provides them with a solid math foundation that translates into success as they progress through the early school years.

Read to your little children:  Little Rose Learns to Count  –  a fun way to learn how to count



Kk1000 Kindhearted Boy

Research shows kindness is an innate quality that should be encouraged and promoted so that it continues to develop.




Look for other positive affirmations in the wonderful children’s book promoting self-esteem .



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Mazorbooks new children’s book released on Amazon and Smashwords

“Clothes Have Feelings Too! Charlie Learns to Care for His Things”



-CHARLIE’S CLOTHES STAGE A REVOLT!–  Like many kids, when Charlie undresses he throws his dirty clothes on the floor.  But Charlie’s clothes have had it up to here! They’ve decided to teach Charlie a lesson.  What did Charlie’s clothes do? And did Charlie learn his lesson?  Keep reading.  You will love the characters & you will laugh! And then you will want to read it again and again.

Educators long believed that reading affects the brain function and thus the learning ability of children and adults.  With the advent of innovative brain imaging scans, research scientists have been able to ascertain changes in the brain physiology, and its circuitry.  Neurophysiologists long believed that the development and structure of the brain was due solely to genetic predisposition and influence.  An infant is born with a significant number of nerve cells or neurons that are required for learning throughout their lives. However, further studies have indicated that infant stimulation by reading and other interactions with caregivers creates the connections that form the pathways needed for learning.  As the child matures into adolescence many of the infrequently used connections are lost allowing for those oft used to remain and grow strong.  It is during period that the brain reorganizes its circuitry and prepares itself for learning more complex concepts and ideas. Thus exposure of the child to reading activities in the formidable first years of life lays the foundation for an organized and highly functioning brain.

Read to your little children, build their future

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ABC- Affirmations-BoysCover1500#FREE on Amazon #KINDLE

“Affirmations for Little Boys: The ABC Book of Rhymes by Sarah Mazor


ABC-GirlsCover 1500 Revised

MazorBooks new children’s book is now available on Amazon Kindle

Affirmations for Little Girls: The ABC Book of Rhymes


Help promote the self esteem and self confidence with this fun and engaging book the uses rhymes and adorable illustrations to present 26 affirmations based on the ABC


My new children’s book is now available on Amazon

The Hebrew Alphabet: Book of Rhymes for English Speaking Kids


This book introduces kids to a beautiful foreign language -Hebrew  utilizing adorable rhymes and wonderful illustrations



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