Yael Rosenberg

The Importance of Teaching Kids Good Food Choices

Posted on: July 4, 2013

A variety of foods supply the essential vitamins and minerals necessary for our bodies to grow and function properly.   Teaching kids early on the importance of choosing foods that provide the necessary vitamins and minerals influences their eating habits.

Studies have shown that healthy eating habits established in childhood have a great impact on adult eating patterns.

Vitamin Cover_fun-1500



1 Response to "The Importance of Teaching Kids Good Food Choices"

Dear Author,

I purchased the Kindle version of this book for my grandchildren. Let me tell you I was ecstatic to know my grandchildren, in this age, can learn with colorful pictures an appreciation for vitamins found in food. This will be very important for the children to know how to strengthen their bodies. As I doctor, I see many patients who do not know how to nourish their bodies properly which can lead to deficiencies and lots of diseases. You will save a lot of people from growing prone to diseases. I am very happy you did such a fine job in creating this teaching tool. Well done, thank you! Dr. Esther Elisha

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