Yael Rosenberg

Reading Significantly Improves Brain Circuitry

Posted on: July 21, 2013

Educators long believed that reading affects the brain function and thus the learning ability of children and adults.  With the advent of innovative brain imaging scans, research scientists have been able to ascertain changes in the brain physiology, and its circuitry.  Neurophysiologists long believed that the development and structure of the brain was due solely to genetic predisposition and influence.  An infant is born with a significant number of nerve cells or neurons that are required for learning throughout their lives. However, further studies have indicated that infant stimulation by reading and other interactions with caregivers creates the connections that form the pathways needed for learning.  As the child matures into adolescence many of the infrequently used connections are lost allowing for those oft used to remain and grow strong.  It is during period that the brain reorganizes its circuitry and prepares itself for learning more complex concepts and ideas. Thus exposure of the child to reading activities in the formidable first years of life lays the foundation for an organized and highly functioning brain.

Read to your little children, build their future

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