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CatsCover1000The Magnificent Cats of Lahaina

Print Version: http://tinyurl.com/CatsInPrint
Digital Version: http://tinyurl.com/CatsDigital

MazorBooks is delighted to announce its new publication, The Magnificent Cats of Lahaina, written by Hilo Witz and Sarah Mazor and illustrated by Mary Kusumkali Biswas.

This excellent action-adventure book for kids offers lovely a combination of prose and rhymes and superb illustrations that capture the beauty of the Hawaiian Island and the fabulous personalities of the Magnificent Cats of Lahaina!

When Meany Morty, the hater of cats, takes over the management of the beautiful Lahaina Market Place, Goody Gordy and his Magnificent Cats are sent on their way. Chaos ensues. Dirty Doody and his Rat Mob, no longer kept at bay by the Magnificent Cats, overrun the beautiful market. The shops close, the tourists leave, and the spectacular sunsets are enjoyed by no one.

Will Goody Gordy and the cats return? Will the Maui Market Place ever…

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