Yael Rosenberg

About Yael Rosenberg

My name is Yael Rosenberg. I have been involved in the Medical Field since her graduation from Beth Israel Nursing School in New York. I also earned a degree in Health Administration and have been involved in the healing arts for over 25 years, serving people of all ages and cultures.

During my career I specialized in Pediatric Nursing and Geriatric Nursing, working in New York hospitals as well as in the home care industry. I also held top positions supervising administrative and field operations in home care. In the mid 1990s I ventured outside the realm of conventional medicine and embarked on a healing path utilizing alternative and complementary healing methods. By teaching adults and children the importance of good nutrition, exercise and other preventative practices, I continue to promote the maintenance of health and wellness.

Recognizing the importance of education and the impact of knowledge on life choices, I decided to branch out and pen children’s books that focus on teaching children (and parents) healthy habits that last a lifetime.


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Having fun learning more about you. Wishing you every blessing.

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