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Vitamin Cover_revised1500In honor of the American Heart Association 2013 National Eating Healthy Day November 6, 2013

Start your kids eating healthy when they are young. Incorporate good eating habits that will last a lifetime.

Research shows that healthy eating prevents illnesses and promotes health and well-being

To promote good nutrition in children, let Nurse Olivia “Liv” Welle introduce your kids to vitamins and their healthy food sources.

Have them read or read to “Nurse Olivia “Liv” Welle Presents: Who Knew Vitamins Could Be Fun”

The children’s book “Who Knew Vitamins Could Be Fun” utilizes gorgeous illustrations and fun rhymes, which make learning about healthy and good nutrition easy and enjoyable. We invite your kids to join Nurse Liv Welle as she teaches a class of first graders a lot about vitamins, their benefit to one’s health, and the vitamins’ food sources. The subject is presented to the children in a fun way, as Nurse Liv Welle engages the first grade students in the learning experience. Your kids will surely enjoy the fun, as they rhyme along and learn about vitamins from A to K.

KINDLE EDITION: $2.99/  PRINT $12.34



MazorBooks teen author Michali Mazor’s new release of a children’s book, “When I Grow Up” is available now on Amazon.


When I Grow Up cover1500

Michali Mazor is a 15 year old, high school junior who is wonderful with kids, and plans to pursue a career in education.  This multi-talented young woman combines her love of children and love of writing by introducing kids to a book that will encourage them to dream while promoting their pride in themselves today.

Vitamins are natural elements that are vital for the health and growth of all animals.  Though required in minute amounts, these substances must be gotten through food, as the body is unable to manufacture sufficient amounts.  Every vitamin has its own unique functions, and therefore cannot be replaced by another.  Scientific research studies have shown that vitamins attained from food are by far more nutritiously beneficial that those gotten from synthetic supplements.  Many nutritionists and other health care professionals concur that a healthy diet that consists of lean proteins, fruits, vegetables and fortified grains provides all the essential vitamins needed.  



Little Rose COVER-200

Research studies have shown that teaching preschoolers to count provides them with a solid math foundation that translates into success as they progress through the early school years.

Read to your little children:  Little Rose Learns to Count  –  a fun way to learn how to count


Kk1000 Kindhearted Boy

Research shows kindness is an innate quality that should be encouraged and promoted so that it continues to develop.




Look for other positive affirmations in the wonderful children’s book promoting self-esteem .



Charlie Clothes cover-1500

Mazorbooks new children’s book released on Amazon and Smashwords

“Clothes Have Feelings Too! Charlie Learns to Care for His Things”



-CHARLIE’S CLOTHES STAGE A REVOLT!–  Like many kids, when Charlie undresses he throws his dirty clothes on the floor.  But Charlie’s clothes have had it up to here! They’ve decided to teach Charlie a lesson.  What did Charlie’s clothes do? And did Charlie learn his lesson?  Keep reading.  You will love the characters & you will laugh! And then you will want to read it again and again.